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From our offices in Rutherfordton, Gastonia, and Asheville NC, we at Staton CPA, P.C. specialize in accounting, litigation support, and business advisory services, on matters ranging from tax to divorce proceedings to interactive data visualizations. Whether you need help for personal tax matters or business expansion, we will help you develop a plan and execute your vision. We bring experience, professionalism, and attention to detail to every engagement and customize our offerings to meet your individual needs and concerns.

Our passion is helping others grow. Your success is our barometer. By keeping abreast of the latest developments in technology and regulation, we can give you exceptional advice and help you adjust in an ever-changing and competitive environment.

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Select Areas of Practice

Attorneys Trust Accounts

North Carolina lawyers work hard for their clients. When funds are held in trust, a litany of rules established by the NC State Bar Association outlines the requirements for “segregating, safekeeping, and record keeping for client funds…” It is crucial to follow these rules to the finest detail to avoid errors and ensuing disciplinary action. Your time is valuable the rules are strict. We provide monthly/quarterly reconciliation services, or examinations pursuant to Agreed Upon Procedures as afforded by the NC State Bar. Let us know if we can help you stay compliant.

Data Analysis & Visualization

Accurate information is important. But unless you understand it and use it to your advantage, it’s little more than simple history. Interpreting data is both a science and an art. You know your business and the questions you face. We have the tools and skills to help you find the answers you need. No matter if you are planning a social media marketing drive, running a political campaign, working in logistics, or presenting a business plan - we help bring clarity to facts and empower you to succeed.

Valuation / Forensic / Litigation Support

In legal proceedings involving finance, attorneys may need assistance reviewing records and preparing data of various types. Depending on specifics, it can be in the best interests of your case for us to perform consulting services under your direction, or perhaps to serve as an expert witness. In other cases, business valuations may be necessary for purposes such as inheritance, divorce, charitable contributions, or taxation. It is important that such valuations performed by trained individuals, as many times there will be considerable scrutiny of the valuation report.

Technology and Information Systems

An integral part of running any organization well is using the best technology. Implementing hardware and software solutions alongside proper support is mission-critical. We would love to partner with you to design the optimal solution for your specific needs. Whether it’s Internet and telephones for your new office, a modern iPad cash register for your restaurant, or your web store linked with your accounting system, we can work with you and partners we trust to make your life easier.

Organizational structure & compensation

Setting up your organization for success is as important as your mission itself. As an owner or manager, your primary focus is to deliver value to stakeholders. Assembling your team to function effectively, implementing internal controls, and providing a compensation package that maximizes commitment while minimizing risk and cost - these are just a few of the many important considerations you may face. Whether you’re setting up shop today as an army of one, or have an international team already gracing the covers of business magazines - we provide a fresh perspective on such issues.

Outsourced Accounting

Our clients are busy people - leaders, volunteers, entrepreneurs, family members. We recognize that it takes accurate, up-to-date books and a good compliance record to help your business thrive, but these are not usually the tasks that make money for you. In order to give you sound financial and business advice, we offer outsourced accounting services and bookkeeping packages customized to your needs so that you can spend your time doing what you do best - and rest assured that we are supporting you.


Accounting is the language of business.
— Warren Buffett


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